Cherry Wood Bowls and Platters

“Hello! I just finished this bowl a couple days ago, and then I put three coats of finish on it. It’s very thin as you can see. It’s quite durable. It’s about an eighth of an inch thick as all my bowls are. Light doesn’t just shine through the cherry. It’s more dense than Ponderosa Pine or whatever. But, um, it’s made from several slices like butcher block is to make it more durable. It won’t warp, and it’s quite nice.

The finish is… goes right through it. I put it on one side and it’ll go right through to the other side, so it gets in the grain and hardens. That way I can use Ponderosa Pine or other soft woods. The good news about that is that you never have to wax it. You never have to do anything to it. As soon as you receive it, it’s done… it’s finished. And, um, it’s just very beautiful. It’s local cherry, and I’m proud of it. *said with a smile “