When we say Doug’s unique bowls are “one-of-a-kind” we’re not kidding. It’s literally impossible to exactly duplicate any of his bowls for the following reasons:

THE GRAINS: Some wood grains are dense giving a darkened effect in different areas of the bowls. They create various unique patterns that appear amazingly lined up at times and other times all askew.

THE FINISH: It’s a surprise to discover the finished wood tones  Depending upon porosity, age, and type of wood used for each bowl, the colors vary in depth and tone. Our air-dried alder wood became a rainbow of blue, pink, and gold tones with the necessary hand-rubbed finish. Surprisingly, orange was the main color until the bowl dried completely. The deep orange was gone, and we were thrilled to see some of the blue and reddish tones had come through.

THE COLOR: Wood color also changes with age. For instance, deep black walnut lightens, especially if exposed to sunlight, over time. In fact, all wood changes in sunlight, so it’s wise to avoid a lot of exposure to the sun – nature’s bleaching agent – as our furniture, bedspreads, rugs, and curtains can attest after sun exposure.

THE SHAPE: Because each of Doug’s bowls are hand-turned, they seem to take a shape of their own. If he discovers a small flaw in the wood that needs omitting, the wood is cut away and the bowl becomes smaller than originally planned. This has led to amazing new designs and is not considered a flaw after all! The rim is determines as he works and gets a feel for how much lip to give the bowl. Doug often says, “The bowls have a life and a design of their own. I just try my best to help it happen.”

THE SIZE: As explained above, some bowls become smaller than intended by necessity. Most maintain their original basic size, yet as the bowl is turned thinner and thinner, the exact measurements are no longer the goal. Thus, they become approximate measurements by design.


Unique Bowls


When you view the extensive variety of Doug’s collection, it’s easy to see that these bowls are very individual with their own special appeal. Someone suggested we even name each one because they are so individualistic! This is one of the main reasons why we number each and all are viewed as collection pieces. For those of you who purchase a Doug Clark bowl, treasure its uniqueness knowing that it cannot be exactly replicated for it is indeed one-of-a-kind.